Is your e-marketing strategy missing these 10 things? – Fast Casual

MKT Plan

Successful brands have added and ramped-up take-out and delivery as the core revenue-generating component of their business models.

They’re participating in national and local campaigns to raise awareness of their offers and deals and have created new and innovative menus and systems for no-contact deliveries and pick-up. They are investing in colorful signage, social media, and community-based marketing.

But e-mail is an often-overlooked and highly-effective tactic in the marketing mix. Now it the time for you to build a high-quality list of fans, frequent diners, and local influencers who keep that traffic turning in to YOUR locations.

These 10 tips are based on my 12+ years as an effective e-marketer and Constant Contact All-Star for many years.

  1. Build a high-quality and targeted list. Make sure that every customer — new and old — has an opportunity to sign-up for offers from your brand. Loyalty clubs and deals of the day/week are great ways to provide incentives. Customers must opt-in to get your e-marketing, so be sure your message is clear — whether you use electronic sign-up or an old fashioned business card fishbowl.
  2. Invest in a system that will enable you to organize your list, deploy regular campaigns, and analyze results.
  3. Set a schedule for e-mail blasts and analyze and monitor results to ensure that you’re sending out messages at the right times and that you’re not over-communicating. Check your opt-out rates regularly and adjust your messages and frequency accordingly. Remember that people get 100’s of messages daily. Make your yours is the one that