How to Create a Marketing Plan in an Uncertain Future – Business 2 Community

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While tools and skills can simplify planning, there is no scientific way to know when unexpected shifts will happen in the market. The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the social distancing that has come with exemplifies that. Even if your 2020 planning accounted for contingencies, the odds are that you did not plan for such a colossal and inimitable disruption.

Most of us are currently living day-to-day and businesses are having to do the same. Due to the kind of interruption COVID-19 has caused, certain organizations are not failing but thriving, including grocery stores, delivery services and big box stores that focus on everyday necessities. Even thriving companies had substantial shifts to their demand forecasts and supply chains. It is also a near guarantee their marketing plans had to be thrown out the window to shift messages to focus on compassion and meeting new concerns and demands.

How organizations, including B2B, message their content right now is crucial. However, completely starting your marketing plan over and shifting gears can be overwhelming. Marketing Adjustments for Turbulent Times is a good resource to get you and your team started.

Adding Agility to Planning

Agile is a term that took American businesses by storm in the last decade. It originated in the world of project management as a methodology that, in laymen terms, means to plan projects in shorter durations and be able to handle changes quickly and more efficiently, as well as rely on