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We all know things feel like the toughest we’ve ever experienced right now. Global pandemic, lockdown, even talk of a recession. The instinct to sit the next few months out may be overwhelming — and some of us have no option but to hibernate. But for those with the option, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and work on a recovery plan. This article will cover marketing tips for COVID-19 from the experts at Distress Rate Media (DRM).

“This market we are in is unlike anything our traders have ever seen”, says DRM general manager Sam Farrar.

“We are literally seeing campaigns go live at one tenth of the normal investment level.

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity for clients in a position to take some serious market share.”

Spending on advertising right now may seem counter-intuitive. But the fact is, we are seeing unprecedented levels of return on investment for those with the budget and hustle to nail down a good marketing plan.

You don’t need to put in much to see your investment go the distance.

“There just seems to be a small pocket of clever individuals that have worked out this is their game changer,” says Farrar.

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Think you can’t afford to advertise? Think again.

“The current economic climate is