Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing During the COVID Crisis – Business 2 Community

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In times of desperation, do you stick to the path you were on or forge a new one? The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world for everyone, personally and professionally. Deciding where to go with your brand initiatives in this new climate can lead to some pretty tough decisions. When it comes to marketing your brand, should you stay or should you go? Speaking to business owners and experts in content marketing, varying thoughts emerged.

Stick to your content marketing plan

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. We don’t write a blog post today and reap the ROI tomorrow. It can take months and even years to see revenue generated from the content you create today. Having a good content marketing plan has statistically been shown to be the key to marketing success. While it may seem like a great idea to ditch all current content marketing plans to protect the budget when you have decreased revenue, doing so could be detrimental for you in the future. Keeping to your current plan will ensure that when all of this is over, your head is still above water.

Katie Gootenberg of Digitally Enhanced says, “Whatever you do, don’t stop! Our natural reaction is to slam on the brakes when we come across the unknown. I get it. However, while disrupted, the market’s still going, people are buying things and there are still things to be done.”

Rebecca Graham of Best Company is invested in creating both trending and evergreen content,