Creating Your Professional Marketing Plan – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

MKT Plan

Last month in the Success Plan series, we covered how to develop a set of 3, 5, and 10-year goals to guide your career success. I hope you enjoyed going through that process and were able to avoid the common obstacles of fear, limiting beliefs, and the myth of perfection! The next step in creating your Success Plan is to develop your own professional marketing plan.

Even if marketing is not your chosen profession, you are a marketer promoting yourself. As your own “Chief Marketing Officer” (CMO), no one else but you is responsible for promoting and selling yourself to prospective employers, your leader, or your coworkers. This is a big responsibility that should be taken seriously. So, let’s get started.

Part 1: Your Professional Brand Statement and Promise

The first step toward developing your marketing plan is to create your professional brand statement and promise. A professional brand statement is what you stand for, what people can expect from you, and what you intend to bring to your work, consistently, each and every day. A brand promise describes the way you will be perceived by coworkers and leaders when