How To Create a Content Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Brand – South Florida Reporter

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Every business whether big or small needs a solid content marketing strategy to generate more followers for their business.

Content marketing helps your business grow, online. All you need is to prepare good quality content that helps your audience know more about your business. Not only this, you need to create content that helps the readers in solving their problems.

Here are some of the top ways to create a content marketing strategy to grow your brand:

Define Your Target Audience

The big question, who are you writing for? And, how can you target them? The first thing you should do is to create a buyer persona. You can create a number of personas based on the various stages of the buying cycle as well various needs of your buyers, however; I would recommend just sticking to a standard number of between 5 to 10 because you don’t want to overcomplicate things at this stage. 

Another way to find out information about your target audience is to pull off data in Google Analytics. This gives you key demographic data based on things such as location, age, gender and personal interest.

Set Your Goals And Objectives

Create goals and objectives for your content marketing campaign once, you have the clarity of your target audience.

The content that you create