Marketing on Amazon 101 – Total Retail

MKT Plan

There’s no denying the Amazon Marketplace has completely changed the way brands do business with consumers. Close to 70 percent of all online shoppers now begin their product search on, even if they don’t think they will make a purchase on the site.

With more than 20 million individuals logging into Amazon every month in the U.S., there’s no shortage of eyes on products. It’s up to brands to attract and convert these shoppers into buyers.

By harnessing the power of the platform, marketers can capture consumers on Amazon and build a profitable marketing plan through keyword optimization, product photography, platform branding, advertising, A-plus content, and partnering with an Amazon-focused seller.

Keyword Optimization

Before creating and executing an Amazon marketing strategy, marketers should go back to basics and ensure a brand’s Amazon product pages are ready to receive new shoppers. A combination of keywords, seller ranking, product reviews and price determines where a product lands in the search results. When it comes to writing copy for product pages, an optimal listing combines valuable keywords and the information the shopper needs to make a purchase.

Effective keyword optimization — which includes product title, bullet points and product description — can lead to a significant increase in traffic and conversion rate on the platform, thereby maximizing Amazon profit. Expect to see a conversion rate increase up to 30 percent from optimized titles and bullet points.

Product Photography

Around 70 percent of consumers will choose a specific listing based on the photography alone. Improve success on