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COVID-19 came and strangled our 2020 marketing plans and most of us are still struggling with pivoting. The biggest debate online during the initial days of this pandemic was “Should we continue marketing our products/services?” Well, the final verdict was pretty obvious – we marketers cannot afford to stop marketing our wares.

But at this point, it is critical how we go about promoting our products or services. Every marketer, whether it is B2B or B2C, is forced to think twice before planning his/her next move. In these testing times when individuals, irrespective of their geography or age or other demographics, are under tremendous pressure, it is time for marketers to act responsibly. Times like these and your actions now can make or break your brand.

Here are some interesting statistics from Econsultancy on marketing trends across the globe during this pandemic:

  • Nearly half of global consumers are hesitant to shop from a brick & mortar shops post this pandemic
  • Retail email rates showed a 40% increase in open rates during March- April
  • Global social advertising trends recovered in April after a dip in March
  • A 27.4% decline was observed in the usage of imagery of human interactions
  • TikTok crossed 2bn lifetime downloads powered by a surge in Q1 2020

These statistics show that every marketer needs to revisit their 2020 plan and pivot them to align with current scenarios. For example, an entertaining TikTok video planned in January