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There was probably a point in January when you sat back and congratulated yourself on creating a robust marketing plan for the year, right? Months ahead of you scheduled, content clusters researched, audiences identified.

And then along came Coronavirus and changed all of that.

Suddenly the topics you’d planned to cover with your content were no longer relevant, and instead completely new topics have seem to have taken over your industry. It can easily seem like you’re suddenly scrambling for a new focus, and you wouldn’t be alone.

When Venngage analyzed Google Trends to see the impact of Coronavirus on Content Marketing SEO, we found that every single industry had seen significant shifts in trending topics over the past few months. Searches for “Work From Home” were up over 300% from the same period last year.

But should your content marketing be reactive? Or should you stick with your plan, and weather out the storm?

Well really, the answer you need comes a bit earlier down the line. Your content marketing plan should have space built in to it for reactivity to some degree. That is to say, you should plan your overall strategy and approach, but allow breathing space for new ideas that might emerge.

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