Navigate Uncertainty With An Effective Marketing Measurement Strategy – Forbes

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During these times of uncertainty, marketers need to clearly understand their changing business circumstances and the evolving needs and preferences of their customers. As marketers, we can navigate through these times by creating a marketing measurement strategy based on a strong foundation of data.

At Datorama, a Salesforce company, for instance, our marketing intelligence platform is built to give marketers a single system of record to connect, analyze and visualize all of their marketing data, but that’s only half of the equation. With marketing intelligence at the forefront, marketers need to create an effective marketing measurement strategy to inform data-driven decisions to benefit the company and its customers.

With budgets in flux, it’s essential to have a clear view of marketing activities across all channels in order to consistently adapt and reevaluate your goals to drive efficiency across your entire marketing budget. Meanwhile, customers are facing unprecedented change and their behaviors and expectations are shifting. In order to deliver the most engaging and helpful experiences to your customers, your marketing team needs to double-down on measuring its tactics, creative, messages and content across all touchpoints.

There are four key steps marketers can take to create a measurement strategy that will lead them through this time of change and into a more successful future.

1. Break down