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Concern over COVID-19 had an impact on online shopping behavior early on in the pandemic, according to data from Adobe Analytics, which monitors the ecommerce transactions of 80 of the top 100 U.S. retailers.

As with any crisis situation, businesses must adapt to these rapidly changing conditions and modify marketing, operations, and business models to best serve customers. Integrity is a critical foundation for modern business and ensuring that you execute a planned response to this situation is paramount in this age of information transparency and social media sharing.

During crisis situations like COVID-19, making clear and factual statements, meeting customer commitments, and ensuring business and operational continuity is more important than ever. Below, I’ve outlined the key commerce tactics you may consider as you modify your commerce strategy. 

Immediate actions: communication and marketing

Consumers are personally, financially, and professionally effected by COVID-19. It has never been more important to build trust and ensure information accuracy. Provide factual and relevant information to establish your brand as a trusted advisor. 

As appropriate, ensure you modify your tone to properly align with the scenario and your customers’ mindsets. More subtle modifications to your site will also contribute to establishing an empathetic experience such as shifting to