Nine ways to adapt your marketing strategy during COVID-19 – Media Update

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With the onset of the coronavirus, almost every aspect of what was considered typical daily life was upended literally overnight, with people confined to their homes and anxious about the future and their financial security.

The most important question you should be asking is: How best can I connect with my customers during a crisis? 

Marketing in these conditions should rather focus on community engagement, brand building and strengthening existing customer relationships, with a view to cultivate brand loyalty and growth.

However, when adapting our marketing strategies, it’s important to simultaneously plan long-term and to not only focus on introducing temporary measures. It’s not only during the pandemic that business will be different; the way in which we all conduct business will be forever changed.

Here are nine ways to adapt and adjust your marketing strategy during COVID-19:

1. Go digital

During the past decade, all sectors took a leap into the digital world to varying degrees but, with it being the primary option for doing business during the lockdown period, it’s critical that companies now fully integrate it into their business models.

Both companies and customers are realising that digitisation actually allows them to be more productive and save on travel time and that online meetings can be very effective. Many will adopt these measures as the new norm.

It’s also become the key medium for marketing and customer communication. One should be cautious in that businesses that fail to keep up now will be left behind later.

2. Be diverse

It’s now more important than