Park City Chamber and Visitors Bureau Unveils New Plan – KPCW

MKT Plan

The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau has a new plan to bring visitors back to the area now that businesses have reopened.

Phase One of the Chamber’s plan uses digital advertising to appeal to potential visitors from the Wasatch Front, which is the population centered around Salt Lake City that stretches north to Ogden and south to Provo, an area encompassing 80% of Utah’s 3.2 million residents.

President and CEO of the Chamber, Bill Malone, said research from 2017 shows 20% of overnight leisure visitors in the Park City area came from the Wasatch Front. “There is business that we could have that people want to escape the Wasatch Front and the heat in the height of summer and will come up here and stay,” said Malone. “We do need people from an economic standpoint, that guest, that is going to stay a couple days, spend money, whether it’s retail, dining, lodging, activities, etc.”

Malone said Phase Two of the Chamber’s marketing plan expands advertising to what he calls “healthy drive” markets. “Our research has shown that people are ready now.  Not everyone, but some people are ready to start absorbing advertising as it relates to outside vacationing, drive market. And the fact you can escape today at 104 degrees in Phoenix and be here in ten hours and fifteen minutes to Park City, I think those are the areas that people in the west can accomplish in terms of a drive market vacation.”

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