NEM Kick Starts with High Level Marketing Plan for 2020 – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

MKT Plan

NEM community were very happy, so see signs of life for the project, and the important of all is the School of NEM.

NEM tweeted:  “We are LIVE! Nemplatform .com – refreshed website for all information on/about #NIS1. Nem .io – a new website to explain the #NEM ecosystem. Symbolplatform com – a new website with all the latest updates, information, resources & support for #Symbol.”

NEM had plans to run a new marketing AMA in 2 weeks in English, the sooner the marketing plan and new websites have been launched.  The community was alerted to be sure to have their questions ready. Watch this space – invite to follow.

The NEM Marketing 2020 high-level plan consists of driving awareness and understanding, building community engagement, supporting the launch of Symbol, and creating effective content.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Good to see a lot of Community campaigns, Symbol Demo Campaign, Symbol Launch and Enterprise General Campaign going forward with the NEM Marketing Plan.”

Of note, the new marketing team structure and roles consist of community manager recruit as well as research and insight manager recruit.

NEM Legend

The website phase 2 is set to include additional content from the NGL and Community with language versions of the Symbol site consisting of Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

The NEM Talk is set to be a hosted virtual event/webinar from NEM, which focuses on showcasing the tech, brand, and developers. External speakers,