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In order to see success in digital marketing, your business needs to manage digital security well. Here are the effects of cybersecurity on digital marketing.

By 2021, the world will lose a staggering $6 trillion to cybercrime damages annually. It’s a statistic that reveals just how destructive cybercrime is, especially to businesses of all types and sizes. Currently, the average cost of a cybercrime incident is $200,000, enough to put many companies out of business.

Unfortunately, cybercrime incidents will only increase in the future. Cyber attacks will continue to pose an unprecedented risk to businesses without a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. 

In this comprehensive guide, we explain some of the top effects of cybersecurity on your business’ digital marketing strategy. We’ll also show you how taking proper action can safeguard you from the devastating effects of a data breach. More importantly, we’ll demonstrate how a robust cybersecurity strategy can lead to the success of your digital marketing efforts.

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What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to the process of protecting computers, servers, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is also known as electronic information security or information technology security.

Cybersecurity applies to a variety of contexts. The term can be divided into several categories. We discuss six of them below:

Network Security 

Network security refers to the practice of securing computer networks from intruders. Intruders, in this case, refer to both