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When you have a business or you’re responsible for the success of one, you tend to focus on sales and managing the daily operations of the business like ensuring you have sufficient staffing, inventory, and your infrastructure is up to par. These are essential elements for your company and demand ongoing attention to reduce the chances of a catastrophic failure. However, marketing is the cornerstone of the business; marketing brings customers (and their money) to your business and, without effective marketing, nothing else you do matters in the long run. Get your marketing right, and your sales take care of themselves, get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to survive in a world full of competition. Even a momentary blimp with your marketing can have devastating consequences extending far into the future.

Get your marketing right

To get your marketing right, you need to understand marketing concepts and how to implement them effectively in your market. What works for one company may not work for another, while marketing efforts in very different industries might be effective. For instance, a concrete manufacturer had a serious problem with late deliveries, which have a very high piss-off quotient because the contractor pays workers to stand around waiting for the delivery. Rather than benchmark against other concrete companies, who, frankly, had the same problem his firm