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It is becoming clear that travel segments and travelers’ behavior are changing because of the coronavirus. Now more than ever, hotels should be preparing for changes. Changes in their typical guest profile, where their guests are coming from, what they are able to offer to guests, and changes being made at the property level to ensure the health and safety of both guests and staff.

OTA’s will play an important role in getting back on track, but that does not mean you should ignore your website and other digital channels. Guests will do more research than ever on the lodging choice and destination they are considering taking the family.

Here are some quick tips to consider in your current e-commerce strategies.

1. Keep Communicating With Your Guests

In an uncertain time such as this, it is crucial to keep in touch with your guests. From things such as updating your website content, email marketing outreach, and consistent social media updates, keep your guests up-to-date.

Take this time to establish a connection with your guests and build your brand’s relationship with them. The goal is to keep your hotel top of mind so when guests are presented with similar hotel options, they will choose your property.

Be sensitive to people’s situations and needs. Use tones that let people know you are there for them and understand their needs. There’s still a great deal of hesitancy around the safety of travel so you should plan to reassure your subscribers, followers and