Covid-19: How Ryman is revamping its digital marketing strategy – Essential Retail

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, people have become increasingly reliant on technology to stay informed and entertained. The importance of marketing via digital channels has therefore taken a renewed sense of importance for non-essential retailers, currently unable to interact with customers via physical stores as a result of Covid-19 lockdown measures introduced since 23 March.

To meaningfully connect with customers during this health, social and economic crisis requires retailers to think very differently. It is becoming clear that traditional adverts showcasing products and offers alone will not be enough to engage people and drive sales. Instead, many consumers are being much more careful about discretionary spending, and are looking to brands to help them meet the unique challenges they are currently facing rather than simply sell them products. Many of these changes in consumer behaviour are expected to continue into the long-term.

This new environment has heavily influenced the recent marketing strategies of stationary retailer Ryman. “The reality is customer shopping habits will have changed probably forever. And we need to nurture that and make sure we continue to talk to our customers and continue to be relevant with them and their lives,” says Phil Turner-Taylor, head of customer marketing at Ryman, during a recent Ometria webinar.

With the help of tech partners, Ryman has rapidly transformed its digital marketing strategy using a mixture of innovative technology and content. This has enabled the retailer to markedly enhance its engagement with customers in recent months, including improving its email opening rates by