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8 Actionable Tips to Use Social Media for eCommerce Sales

Social media and eCommerce are now inseparable regardless of your industry, product, or service. If you want to make sales, setting up an online store isn’t enough. The “build it and they will fade long ago”. Today you have to go where your customers are active, social media.

With an average of 3 hours are spent per day per person on social networks and messaging, being in the social space can put your eCommerce store at an advance. Social media offers opportunities that allow you to grow your email list, attract and retain new customers, and solidify your brand presence.

There are plenty of tips on how you can use social media to increase sales, but where they fall short is that most of these popular tips apply to companies with massive online budgets and brands that have already acquired a considerable following.

Instead, I’ll be sharing eight actionable tips to use social media for eCommerce sales, whether you’re just starting or a do-it-yourself marketer looking for helpful tips.

1. Create a Social Media Strategy for Your eCommerce Store

Before suggesting influencer marketing, ads, and ideas for content, let’s talk about the most ignored yet crucial part of your eCommerce store’s social media success, a social media strategy.

Most brands fail at social media because they have no social media or content strategy. They’re mostly playing it by ear, throwing content out, hoping