How to Align Your Marketing Around Trump’s Plan to Reopen the Country – Business 2 Community

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While there’s no definitive timeline for when this global pandemic will all be over, the US is taking steps toward re-opening the country in three phases.

Non-essential businesses are now allowed to open, with certain provisions in place.

However, widespread uncertainty, misinformation, and worry about the human cost of reopening the economy present big challenges for brands in all sectors.

How do we move forward from a digital marketing perspective? How do we adapt complex, multichannel strategies to meet changing customer needs?

In this past, I’ll share some ways to adapt your digital strategy as we move into these next few stages of crisis response.

Make sure your business information is up-to-date

Before you start planning your next series of email drips or reaching back out to your influencer partners, it’s important to nail a few key basics.

  • Update your business hours and any changes in products, services, or shipping timelines.
  • Make sure your website, social platforms, and for local businesses, your Google My Business profile, include a COVID-19 statement. While it may seem like you’re telling people something they already know, releasing updates shows customers you’re still around. Without this, they may just assume that you’ve abandoned your post and move on to another brand that provides a clear picture of their offerings and availability.
  • Check that you’ve made it clear to customers how they can get in touch. Phone, chat, email, and social media profiles should all be visible in multiple places.

Stay informed

Once you’ve audited and updated your basic business information, you’ll need to assess