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Let’s start this blog with a hard-hitting fact:

A large number of marketers start a content marketing initiative without knowing the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ or ‘how’ behind it. They don’t review the purpose of the content. They don’t analyze how it can fix within the overall content mix. They don’t know what they are supposed to do with the content, and they don’t know how the content will impact the business. Is it to create ancillary revenue? Is it to drive sales? They simply don’t know.

Only a few digital content marketers spend time in analyzing the purpose of content and curating them to drive more leads. Content marketing influencers consistently create marketing-related and high-quality search content. They are always at the forefront, churning one great blog post after another. And they yield over 10,000 visitors a week.

So, how do they get there? In this blog post, I’ll answer that question for you, through the 3Cs of Content Marketing.

The First: Content Creation

The path of content strategists and marketer is clear. To boost their SEO ranking, gain leads, and earn traffic, they must create great content. I’ve heard a few bloggers ask, ‘What exactly makes a content exceptional?’ In this section, I’ve listed few ingredients that make a content great:

Original content creation:

Original means originality. Rehashing the same post or concept over and over again is not originality. Your ideas should also be original. Google algorithm updates now prevent poor quality content from ranking high in search results.